Rewards Vault

Autonomous smart contract wallet
It contains consolidated funds to ensure rewards for staking and farming participants.
The Rewards Vault is initially funding with 27% of all 8F tokens from emission for regular farming and staking participants and 6% of all 8F tokens for our Crazy Owls NFTs owners, because they have unique staking conditions.
An average income for regular participants of staking and farming ~12% APY, for those who stake/farm their tokens for at least 6 months ~24%, for NFTs staking participants 30% APY.

Address of Rewards Vault wallet:

2x3745BS46...under development (TBA)

Sources of the Rewards Vault replenishment:

  • 27% of all 8F tokens emission for 8F staking and farming with 42 months Vesting plan (see "scheme")
  • 6% of all $8F tokens emission for NFT staking with 24 months Vesting plan (see "scheme")
  • 50% of spent 8F from the swaps of 8F to 8G
  • 50% of proceeds (net of fees and taxes) by selling 8G for USD
  • 50% of 8F tokens redeemed through Treasury Vault

Spending of Rewards Vault funds:

  • 100% rewards for staking and farming