Motivation and goals
Briefly our vision and goals

We create products that we ourselves would like to use every day. We have been studying the market for a long time, worked with DeFi and NFT projects a lot and we see that the industry development comes down to thoughtless copying of ideas and smart contracts of each other. Project owners do not have any motivation to create truly quality products due to extensive, explosive growth of the DeFi market (decentralized applications) and related cryptocurrency areas. We want to break this vicious circle and become a standard of a high-quality crypto project, raise the level of education and understanding of DeFi, NFT, GameF, SocialFi, MetaFi, make decentralized finance services accessible and understandable to the masses. We believe that the more quality, transparent and honest projects are there in the market, the more civilized and accessible the cryptocurrency market will become in general.

  • We want to become a safe harbor for users in the blockchain market working as useful, profitable, safe and community-oriented project
  • Become a GameFi and EduFi project No. 1, an example for others, have a positive effect on the development of the modern global cryptocurrency market
  • We want to take part in the general trend for cryptocurrency adaptation and legalization, to facilitate the spreading of blockchain and its popularization among the world population by providing safe, simple and reliable services.

We do not make any technological revolutions or try to invent a new “perpetuum mobile”. We endeavor to use the existing technologies and best practices, adapting and improving them for the rapidly changing cryptocurrency market with the help of a professional team. So, only in the process of continuous self-improvement we will create high-quality products with solid reputation.

We measure it by common indicators:
  • number of game and DEX users
  • number of events held in the project (Airdrops, Tournaments, Educational Videos)
  • trade volumes on the DEX
  • TVL
  • and number of active wallets in the project.
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