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Crazy Owls NFTs utility functions

1. Opportunity to participate in NFT-staking

a) 6% of the project's tokens will be divided within 24 months between users who stake their NFTs
b) Guaranteed yield - 30% per annum in the project tokens (not in value, but in tokens - if the user puts an NFT with 100 tokens inside of it in staking for 1 year, at the end of the year they will receive a minimum of 30 tokens, i.e. at least 30%)
c) A limited number of users can take part: at the same time, up to 10% of all project coins can be staked = 88,888,888.8 tokens. This is the only way we can provide a yield of 30% in tokens
d) Min fixed lockup is 3 months
e) When NFT is staked, all NFT utility features remain active

2. Bonuses in Snake for Crypto

  • Extended starter pack of features (only for the first NFT owner)
  • Free mystery snake skins - can be used by NFT holders (only if there is NFT in the wallet)

3. Other features

  • Access to a private VIP chat for NFT holders
  • Access to the closed online and offline events: closed AMAs with the project's team, free access or discounts to our events and those of our partners