The problems we solve

8.Finance aims to improve the vibe in the Crypto World
There are 2 main problems that we aim to solve, but their solution also affects other problems, information about which you will find in the sub-items of this section.
Two main problems we aim to solve:
1️⃣ Entering the World of Crypto for newcomers is expensive, risky and difficult
2️⃣ Attracting real users for crypto projects is expensive
🐍 Snake For Crypto is a simple game where users can collect real crypto on the playing fields. For free, without any knowledge, risks, and even without a web3 wallet. To earn more, players should watch short Educational videos from our partners, participate in their Airdrops and Tournaments.
📲 With the help of Snake for Crypto our partners can get new users in an entertaining way by holding Airdrops, Tournaments, publishing Educational videos with Quizzes & Rewards.
Partners may even target the participants of their events by country, age, game level, etc (if users agree to share these data).
Please, find details on the pages of our GitBook.