Crazy Owls NFT design

8.Finance will release only 1000 Crazy Owl NFTs:
  • 800 NFTs are basic (for purchase 8F tokens from 1000 USDT to 5000 USDT)
  • 200 NFTs are unique (for purchase 8F tokens from 5000 USDT and more)
You can find Crazy Owls design here.
Public Sale and Pre-Seed rounds are not eligible for NFTs minting
All NFTs which will not be used on the Pre-sale stage will be placed for wrapping 8F tokens according to the NFT type:
  • Unique Crazy Owl from 175,000 $8F tokens per NFT
  • Basic Crazy Owl from 35,000 $8F tokens per NFT
NFTs are limited edition collection with no further minting in the future.
All NFTs are ultra rare thanks to the NFT burning in the unwrapping mechanism
All Crazy Owl NFTs have similar utility features.