8G game coin

8G is a virtual currency that is used in the game of the project to purchase regular items and boosters, improve snakes, gain access to exclusive game modes with 8F, BNB and other tokens on the playing fields, etc.
Users can get 8G in several ways:
  • buy for USD or 8F
  • collect on the playing fields
  • receive as a reward in Tournaments and for watching Educational videos
Transferring 8G between users, selling for 8F or other cryptocurrencies is not possible.
Unused tokens are automatically burned after 8 days (192 hours) from the moment of being credited to users.
To get access to unique skins, features and premium subscription users need 8F tokens, that they can purchase on the DEX or earn in Tournaments and Airdrops, or get as a reward for Watching Educational videos from our partners. Another way to get 8F tokens for free is participating in the referral program.