Seed and Private rounds with NFT option

There are 2 options we offer our investors at the Seed and Private Sale rounds (it's not available for Pre-seed and Public sale rounds).
  1. 1.
    The first is a standard one. Usually, after investing in early-stage projects, investors provide projects with their wallet addresses to receive purchased tokens according to a vesting plan. In our case it is Cliff period + Vesting period.
  2. 2.
    The second one implies investors choosing to “wrap” tokens into NFTs. In this case investors also provide us with the wallet addresses, but they immediately receive a special NFT (with tokens inside). The countdown of the Cliff and Vesting periods start only when investor "unwraps" the NFT on our platform. Before unwrapping it users may sell the NFT (and their tokens inside the NFT) to other people, may transfer their NFTs to a special staking platform with a fixed yield (30%) - NFTs have their special utility functions, thus, some investors may decide not to unwrap them.