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Dex, Farming, Staking

Dex - a decentralized cryptocurrency exchanger where users can easily swap one cryptocurrency for another. 8.Finance swap will be synchronized with the Dexs of our partners with large TVLs to find the best exchange rates for our users. 8.Finance Dex charges a fee of 1% for each transaction without the 8F token involved, and 1% for each transaction involving the 8F token.
Why do we charge fees? For the long-term safety and stability of the project's economy, to continually burn tokens of the project and increase their value. Without commissions, any project could easily turn into a scam. We plan to be one of the best and strongest players on the market in the long term period, so we charge such commissions.
Farming. In order for a Dex to work properly, it needs the funds to swap one cryptocurrency for another - these funds are called Liquidity. Farmers are the people who provide liquidity. They are rewarded in tokens of our project - 8F.
We plan to provide an average of 24% APR for farmers who provide liquidity for at least 6 months and 12% APR for other farmers.
Staking at 8.Finance is temporary locking assets for a reward in 8F tokens. Users can withdraw their funds from staking at any time.
We plan to provide an average of 24% APR for those who stake tokens for at least 6 months and 12% APR for other users. For users who stake NFTs we plan to provide 30% yield in the tokens of the project.
Information about the source of 8F tokens for farming rewards can be found in the Rewards Vault description.
Farming, like almost any form of business, is a risky activity. In addition to the usual risks, farming involves the risk of impermanent losses, click here for more information.