🚀 Fair Token Sales 🚀
Total raised = 300 000 USD (weekly update) of 533 333 USD goal in the Pre-Seed

8F Pre-sales features:

  • 18% of the total emission is offered for pre-sales: 6% on the Pre-Seed Round, 8% for the Seed round, 3% on Private Sale and 1% Public Token Sale
  • Use of proceeds: 58% Project Development / 33% Marketing / 9% Liquidity for TGE
  • The project team has the longest Cliff and Vesting periods compared to other participants: 10 months Cliff and 36 months Vesting
  • Participants of the Pre-Seed and Seed Rounds can also get Equity if they wish

Investors' steps to buy tokens at the Pre-Seed and Seed Rounds:

  1. 1.
    Just Message us and we will get in touch

Investors' steps to buy tokens at the Private Sale:

  1. 1.
    Investors fill in an application form here
  2. 2.
    Pay for tokens
  3. 3.
    Contact with 8.Finance administrators by the telegram bot https://t.me/the8financebot (follow the guideline from the application form - send your contact e-mail and number)
  4. 4.
    Pass KYC
  5. 5.
    We sign the agreement and close the deal
  6. 6.
    If the investor chooses the option “Receiving tokens to the wallet in the standard way” in the questionnaire, we indicate in the smart contract the address of the investor’s wallet the tokens will be sent to after the launch of the project. To receive tokens on the wallet, the investor will need to go to the “Vesting” page of the platform website and click on the “Claim” button
  7. 7.
    If investor chooses the option “Receiving tokens through NFT” in the questionnaire, we send NFT to the investor, which he can dispose of at his own discretion
Note! There are a hyperdeflatory model with regular buyback and burning of $8F tokens, quality market making, staking options and support of price through $8F buyback using an investment fund. Nevertheless, we, the 8.Finance project team, cannot guarantee that $8F token price will not drop lower than purchase prices at the given moment. We ask all Public Token Sale participants to understand it and be realistic about risks, consider investment horizons in advance - see Risks page. DYOR.
The following separate pages will cover Private Sale, Public Sale, etc
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8F Pre-sales features:
Investors' steps to buy tokens at the Pre-Seed and Seed Rounds:
Investors' steps to buy tokens at the Private Sale: