Our partners can run Airdrops in the Snake for Crypto game for marketing purposes (to get new followers, users and customers, increase brand-awareness, just to run entertainment events for users, etc):
  1. 1.
    Users take simple tasks like "Join our Discord Server", "Follow Instagram account", "Retweet this post", etc
  2. 2.
    Then they get access to the special playing fields or Tournaments where they can easily get tokens of the partners' projects
Partners can also target gamers by specific regions, cities, interests, etc. It will help them get only those users they are interested in. Of course, we only provide partners with data that users want to share.
To run Airdrops partners have to pay +30% to their airdrop token's value: 15% in their tokens, 15% in 8F tokens. For example, if they want to Airdrop their tokens for $1.000 in the game, they should also:
  1. 1.
    Purchase 8F tokens for 15% that is $150 to share them with their users on their Airdrop's playing field
  2. 2.
    Pay 15% fee to 8.Finance in their tokens - 150$ in this case. We will Airdrop these tokens to our gamers in the game's general and harvesting modes
There is the second type of Airdrops - continuous Airdrops from 8.Finance: 8F, 8Gand BNB tokens, and tokens of our partners appear randomly in the general and Harvesting game modes, any users may collect them even without completing any tasks.

  • Tokens from our Partners
  • 20% of the game's Marketplace proceeds in $8F tokens (the remaining 80% are burned 🔥)
  • Development Vault funds (more about “Development Vault” here) - the amount will be determined by the project's team
8G tokens will be automatically burnt if users don't spend them in 8 days
8F tokens and tokens of other projects will be automatically burnt if users don't spend or withdraw them to their wallets in 88 days
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