Seed Round


  • Price of $8F: $0.015

  • Tokens for sale: - 8% or 71 111 111 of tokens

  • $220k already raised from $1,067m goal

  • The minimum purchase is USDT 5 000

  • NFT wrapping is available

  • Cliff and Vesting plan: 3 months of Cliff and 15 moths of Vesting

  • Unlock at TGE: 5%

  • The project team may exclude any participant if their participation exposes the project to reputational and financial risks

  • For each participant KYC is required

  • Seed Round is open until Date will be announced or until the sold-out reach.

To participate in this round go to this link and purchase tokens for 5000+ USDT, if you need help use this form or our telegram bot. Find instructions here - link.

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