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Lack of customer focus

Lack of systems for building long-term relationships with users and business
According to the research, 40% of people in Crypto use the “earn-and-run” strategy, which is based on motivation to get a high income in a short period of time. But it also means that users do not trust Crypto projects, don't believe that projects will survive and develop in the long run.
And it also means that Crypto projects don't work effectively on increasing the retention rate of their platforms and don't work enough with their own communities. That's why their users have low LTV and projects have to spend a lot of money on marketing.
That leads either to the failure of the project in a short time after the launch or to unbearable marketing costs for some projects.
Our team interacts with users every day: we hold surveys, do AMAs in our social networks, communicate with our users in the chats. We develop solutions and create tools to increase the retention rate of users in the game and on the platform, to motivate users to invite their friends and spread the word of mouth (Tournaments, Referral program, Snake evolution and levels, Partnerships, etc).
We rely on creating win-win services for our users and partners in order to build long-term trusting relationships and make 8.Finance project successful and strong .