Game modes

There will be several modes in the game that will be developed Step-by-Step:

  • General mode - endless mode where users compete with each other

  • Harvesting - a mode with the ability to collect a significant amount of 8F on the playing field. It is a paid mode, and players can pay with 8G coins only. Users have to pay for every minute inside this mode

  • Battle Royale - the last survivor gets all the tokens that were on the playing field / were paid for entry / were provided by our partners. It will be possible to play this mode with friends by sharing the link or QR-code

  • Catch the Flag - a game between two teams where the goal is to find a flag on the field and carry it to a certain point on the map

  • Airdrops - special game mode that requires taking tasks of our partners (like joining their social networks or watching their educational videos). Read more here

  • Tournaments - special events with prize funds where the entry may vary: free; requires entry fee; requires taking tasks of our partners; requires buying tickets. Read more here

In these game modes people may use Game features and Phenomena to make the game more entertaining

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