Users can purchase lots of items for 8F (unique items) and 8G (regular ones) in the game:

  • Skins

  • NFTs that are needed to improve the Snake (we do not sell them, other users sell)

  • Snakes of other users wrapped into NFTs (Buy/Sell or Lease/Rent)

  • Game features and phenomena:

    • Magnet: Boost your gathering abilities with an increased radius to collect items around your snake

    • Invisible/Ghost Mode: Become a phantom on the battlefield, move through obstacles and rivals โ€“ you canโ€™t kill or take damage for a short time. While in this mode, you can still collect items. Activate it to strategically outmaneuver your rivals!

    • Armour: Stay protected from incoming attacks! Thanks to this feature, you and your opponent will remain unharmed upon collision. This auto activation defense mechanism keeps you in the game for a longer time!

    • Phoenix: Rise from the ashes! If you meet an unfortunate demise, fear not! The Phoenix feature automatically resurrects you in the same size, giving you a second chance to dominate.

    • +10% Speed: Need a burst of agility? Activate Extra Speed and witness your snake moves 10% faster!

    • Mines: Place mines on the playing field to eliminate rivals, mines bang in 5 secs

    • Graffiti: Make your mark on the battlefield! Leave graffiti on the playing field using pictures selected from the Marketplace. Your creations will last for 15 seconds, showcasing your style and creativity!

    • Atomic Bomb: Prepare for a cataclysmic event! Detonate the Atomic Bomb, wiping out all players and objects within a large radius. The countdown of 30 seconds gives fair warning to all users, allowing them to escape the blast zone. No snakes are resurrected within the bomb's kill radius during the countdown.

    • Kamikaze Belt: Unleash the ultimate sacrifice! Crash your snake into another, sacrificing yourself to eliminate your opponent. This powerful move comes at a high cost but can turn the tide of the game in a thrilling and dramatic fashion.

    • Increased Visibility: This feature allows players to extend their field of view for seven seconds, granting them a tactical advantage in spotting valuable beetles and coins.

    • x2 Coins: When activated, this power-up increases the value of collected coins by two times, allowing you to amass riches at an accelerated pace. Grab those glittering coins and watch your crypto balance soar!

    • x2 Rewards: Are you craving rapid progress? Look no further than the x2 Rewards power-up. By activating this fantastic feature, you can double the experience you earn per game, propelling you towards higher levels and unlocking exclusive perks at lightning speed.

    • Feature Rain: Within a specified timeframe, random boosters will gracefully descend onto the playing field, offering exciting surprises and game-changing advantages. Keep your eyes peeled and be ready to seize the moment as each booster opens up new possibilities for triumph!

    • Money Rain: When activated, a plethora of shimmering 8G coins will cascade onto the playing field within a certain radius around your snake. It's a golden opportunity to amass a fortune. Let the coins shower upon you and watch your wealth grow exponentially!

    • Freez: This booster falls from insects on the playing field, use it to freeze other snakes for a short period of time!

In the game users may also use 8G and 8F tokens to purchase access to some Tournaments with special rewards.

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