Users can purchase lots of items for 8F (unique items) and 8G (regular ones) in the game:
  • Skins
  • NFTs that are needed to improve the Snake (we do not sell them, other users sell)
  • Snakes of other users wrapped into NFTs (Buy/Sell or Lease/Rent)
  • Game features:
    • Magnet. This tool increases the gathering radius of items around the snake. Active for 30 seconds
    • Invisible/Ghost mode. Player becomes invisible on the battlefield, retaining the ability to collect items, but cannot kill or take damage. They can also move through obstacles on the battlefield. Active for 30 seconds
    • Armour. Protects the player from being hit by another opponent (both remain unharmed). Activates automatically on impact
    • Phoenix. The killed player is resurrected in the same place and size. Activates automatically after death. Can be used once per 5 minutes
    • Extra speed. The snake's speed when accelerated is 50% faster than normal acceleration. Active for 10 seconds
    • Mines. A player may place a mine on the playing field. If other players hit the mine, they are killed. The mine disappears after 1 minute
    • Graffiti. A player can leave graffiti on the playing field from the pictures selected in the Marketplace. It disappears from the playing field in 30 seconds
    • Atomic Bomb. Kills all players and destroys all objects in a large radius. Detonates after 30 seconds of activation. All users are notified of the bomb and the detonation zone, so they have time to get out of the death zone. No other snakes are resurrected in the bomb's kill radius during the countdown
    • Kamikaze belt. The snake kills itself and kills its opponent by crashing into another snake. A very expensive item
  • Game Phenomena - users may purchase and use them in the game
    • Drunken snake. The "right" command will turn the snake "left" and vice versa for the first 5 seconds. The next 5 seconds the "intoxication effect" decreases - the snake starts listening to the commands. It looks like a bottle of rum on the playing field
    • Money Rain. 8F coins fall randomly on the playing field. Duration - 1 minute
    • Rain of in-game features. Features that are available to any player drop onto the playing field
In the game users may also purchase access to some special modes - for example, access to the "Harvesting mode" (access paid only in 8G). In this mode, users can collect more 8F, BNB and other tokens than in a general mode.