Revenue distribution, Vaults

Find information on Revenue streams here, please.

We are committed to transparency, so here you will find information on how we allocate funds. We allocate all non-Fiat revenues in the following way:

100% of the Fiat revenue we use for the project development.

We have 5 vaults:

1. Development Vault

This is a wallet which consolidates the budget of the project, intended for marketing, salaries, legal expenses, development and scaling. Sources of replenishment:

  • 91% of the raised funds during the token sales (Primary Funds Allocation)

  • 6% 8F tokens of Development allocation from emission with 20 months Cliff and 16 months of linear Vesting (Scheme)

  • 40% of the non-Fiat revenue of the project

  • 100% of the Fiat revenue

Wallet address:

8x1fin123... (Will be announced)

2. Games Vault

Games (at the start of the project - Snake for Crypto game) are an integral part of 8.Finance.

We provide the project's tokens to users for free or for participating in the events, in the way that encourages growth of 8F token's price rather than putting pressure on it.

We use tokens of this Vault to buyback 8F tokens and BNB (95% of commission goes to 8F buyback and 5% for BNB), and use them in the games: in-game Airdrops on the playing fields, regular Tournaments, Educational videos with rewards and other activities.

These activities encourage users to play more, improve their snakes (and spend 8F and 8G for it), invite friends and dive deep into crypto by watching educational videos from us and our partners.

Source of replenishment - 40% from the non-Fiat revenue of the project.

Wallet address:

8x2fin123... (Will be announced)

3. Bonfire πŸ”₯

To make 8F tokenomics ultra-deflationary, we use 20% of the non-Fiat revenue to buyback and burn 8F tokens: send to the zero address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

This is necessary to push the price of the 8F token up.

Wallet address:

8x3fin123... (Will be announced)

4. Affiliate and Tournaments

In order to motivate users to be more active in the game and invite their friends, we run an active Referral program. Funds of this vault will be used to rewards participants of the referral program and may be also used for holding in-game events.

Source of replenishment - 15% of all the 8F token's emission, 40 months linear vesting after TGE - vesting details here.

Wallet address:

8x4fin123... (Will be announced)

5. Rewards

This vault contains consolidated funds to ensure rewards for staking and farming participants.

The Rewards Vault is initially funded with 33% of all 8F tokens:

  • 27% to reward participants of regular staking and farming

  • 6% to reward participants of NFT staking who own Crazy Owls

Please, find vesting details here.

Funds of this vault will be used to reward farming and staking participants and 6% of all 8F tokens for our Crazy Owls NFTs owners, because they have unique staking conditions.

An average income for regular participants of staking and farming ~12% APY, for those who stake/farm their tokens for at least 6 months ~24%, for NFT staking participants 30% APY.

Wallet address:

8x5fin123... (Will be announced)

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