Paid marketing cases

We help our partners with marketing - in-game (Snake for Crypto) Airdrops and Tournaments for them to help them attract new users and entertain current ones.
Find information about some of the cases on this page.
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Megavrse redefines the metaverse as we know it today, it will deliver users a heightened, futuristic experience that pushes the boundaries of what is possible and will open the door to metaverse 2.0.

Safe ZK

Safe ZK is a blockchain service project combining the best technologies to assure the anonymity of the transactions, and also training Artificial Intelligence to learn a safe and fast way to generate revenues for the investors.


SAWA is a multi-functional DeFi Platform for investors and DEX with truly decentralized derivative tools for traders.


W3DNA – an NFT Domain, Name & Account in Web3 with no extension and in any language


BALANCE - is a forum about modern technologies and people of the future, which has become a meeting place for industry leaders


TON CON - first international congress that takes place in Moscow 12-13th of November


Play1st is a web3 game app store where you can find games, play in new virtual worlds, and earn real money