Snake for Crypto

Lots of people want to get into Crypto, but they are afraid of losing $, taking any risks, and do not want to spend time on boring educational videos. These barriers stop them from taking their first steps into the Crypto World. We came up with a simple solution to break these barriers.

Snake for Crypto is a free simple game that requires zero knowledge in crypto, you don't even have to create a crypto wallet to try it.

Users collect cryptocurrencies on the playing fields. They watch Educational videos, take Quizzes from us and our partners and get rewards. This way they learn Crypto basics, get familiar with the most famous projects and their services, and take their first smooth and safe steps in Crypto.

What do users have to do to take their first steps? Just run the game.

Demo versions are already available: desktop, Android and iOS versions.

Economics of the game is designed to boost using and burning 8F tokens to increase their price.

Snake for Crypto key features:

  • It is a free to play Game

  • Platforms: Desktop (in browser), iOS, Android

  • Marketplace - opportunity to buy items and features for 8G and 8F

  • Evolution of the Snake - users can improve their snakes, add features, open new game modes, and earn even more crypto

  • All of the game modes are multiplayer modes, here are some of them:

    • General - standard mode with insects and game phenomena

    • Battle Royale - the playing field narrows, the award goes to the last survivor. This game mode will be used for Partnership Airdrops and Tournaments

    • Promotional Airdrops, Tournaments and Educational videos with rewards from our partners and 8.Finance

    • Harvesting - mode with the ability to collect a significant amount of 8F on the playing field. Access to it is paid in 8G coins

  • Daily bonuses for active players

  • Daily Tournaments for all users

  • Game currencies: 8G - game virtual currency; 8F - tokens of the 8.Finance project; BNB - we share some BNB to cover newcomers' expenses on gas; our Partners' Tokens

  • 8F can be collected for free on the playing fields

  • 8G can be obtained in several ways:

    • Free when participating in events with 8G rewards (including Quizzes, Tournaments, etc)

    • Users can purchase 8G for 8F or USD (fiat)

    • Free to collect on the playing field

  • Possibility to withdraw cryptocurrencies to your BSC BEP-20 wallet

Why the snake/slither-like game?

  • Simple and intuitive game play familiar to everyone since childhood - no need to spend hours to get used to it and learn how to play

  • Easy to make it go viral

All these things make Snake for Crypto an effective tool for spreading blockchain and its basic understanding among the masses. It is also an effective tool for entering international markets.

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