Deflationary mechanisms

We have created a system for a sustainable growth of the token price

8.Finance is running on the BNB Chain, which is the most popular Chain among gamers. Max. circulating supply of 8F tokens is 888 888 888 pcs. They are 100% pre-minted, it is impossible to mint new tokens.

8.Finance tokenomics is stated as one of the most hyper-deflationary on the market. It has 20+ token price growth incentives. Some of them are listed below.

Reduction of circulation 8F:

  1. 20% of all the non-fiat revenue is used to buyback and burn 8F tokens ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  2. 1% transaction fee - each 8F token transaction includes 1% fee that is being immediately burned

  3. NFT Staking with a fixed min. yield of 30% to increase the period for 8F coins purchased in the Seed and Private Sale rounds to enter circulation

Stimulation of demand for 8F:

  1. Our partners who want to attract users to their projects and increase their brand awareness (via Airdrops, Tournaments, Educational videos) should reward users for taking tasks with 8F tokens (and with their tokens if they wish)

  2. To take part in special Tournaments with huge prize pools users will have to purchase tickets for 8F tokens and improve their snakes (spend 8F tokens for it) to increase their chances to win

  3. NFT Staking. Users may wrap 8F tokens into NFTs to get access to NFT Staking with a fixed min. yield of 30%. If they want to unwrap 8F tokens, it will take them some time

  4. 8F Staking and Farming pools on our platform with good yields.

  5. Users need 8F to buy unique items in the gameโ€™s Marketplace: skins, features, boosters

  6. Snake evolution - to improve their snakes and earn even more tokens on the playing fields users have to spend 8F tokens

  7. To become active members of the community and gain access to the closed chats, users must hold a certain amount of tokens in their wallets

  8. 8F is a governance token. To take part in votes users should have tokens, 1 token = 1 vote

Stimulating demand by market activity:

  1. Partnerships with strong projects to hold events for them (Airdrops, Tournaments, Educational videos) and attract new users into their projects, increase their brands awareness. And reward our users who take part in their activities. Our partners pay for rewards, rewards in our 8F tokens and their tokens if they wish

  2. Partnerships with non-crypto projects that may attract users and reward them with their certificates and promo-codes (and our tokens, of course). User targeting by region and other parameters will be available in 8.Finance, this is attractive for our partners

  3. Listings on the Top Centralized Exchanges

  4. Trading competitions

  5. Promotional staking events on CEXs

  6. Active marketing campaigns (including outdoor)

  7. Creating decentralized networks of local 8.Finance communities under the leadership of our ambassadors

  8. Regular Tournaments and Contests aiming to attracting new active users

  9. Spreading 8.Finance to other blockchains

If you want to buy 8F tokens now, follow the instructions here.

Note! The project team does not guarantee that 8F token price will not decrease. The team does not deny the probability of 8F depreciation in the free market lower than the the token sales' prices.

Weโ€™ve created a deflation system which reliably reduces a number of 8F in circulation, but we ask you to take into account all the risks, including those associated with the macro environment. More about risks on this page - Risks.

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