8.Finance is a team of professional economists, businessmen, investors, traders, and developers with high experience. We live in different parts of the Earth and are united by a common idea: to make the best product for our users.

CEO, co-founder – Arnold Evdaev
CPO, co-founder – Michael Antonov
COO – Alex Potapov
Tokenomics audit team

CCO – Oleg Alexandrov
SMM, Media buying – Annabella
SMM, Artist – Daniela
Strategic Marketing Advisor – Kseniia Baziian
Strategic Marketing Advisor – Marina Trofimova
Marketing Partners

CTO – Ilya Blokh
IT team members
Blockchain and Web 3.0 Advisor Scott Lindh
Data & Computer Science Advisor Syaheerah Lebai Lutfi
GameDev – Publex
Website design Zajno
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Operation Office
Marketing Office
Information & Technologies Office