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8.Finance is a team of professional economists, businessmen, investors, traders, and developers with great experience. We live in different parts of the Earth and are united by a common idea: to make the best product for our users.
Our team went through KYC from RugDoc.

Operation Office

CEO, co-founder – Michael
Economist with MBA and MDSA, 14 years of trading/investing exp
Crypto trading and assets management from 2015.
16+ years of prof exp.
LiteFinance (articles were translated into 11 languages), TradingView, Linkedin
CPO, co-founder – Arnold
Entrepreneur, experience in managing companies with revenues > $ 30 million (marketing, construction, HoReCa).
Crypto assets management from 2016.
10+ years of prof exp.
CTO, co-founder - Anton
One of the most experienced members of our team.
He speaks at professional conferences, teaches, and helps create educational programs.
Fullstack dev with 14+ years of prof ex., from 2017 in blockchain development
Head of Game Development – Ilya Blokh
Developed and promoted dozens of Games.
Was CTO and advisor of several crypto startups.
9+ years of prof exp.
COO – Alex
Maths degree, Network engineer, Trader, Author of unique forecasting methodology.
Crypto assets management with Arnold and Michael from 2019.
6 years of prof exp.
IT team members
Full-stack and Blockchain developers.
Blockchain and Web 3.0 Advisor Scott Lindh
Expert in the Blockchain and Web3.
10+ years of overall prof exp., 7+ of prof exp. in blockchain
Data & Computer Science Advisor Syaheerah Lebai Lutfi
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Ph.D in Philosophy and Telecommunications Engineering, MSc. in Software Engineering
CCO – Oleg
Master of Economics, Trader.
Author of unique trading training course -
Crypto assets management with Arnold and Michael from 2019.
17 years of prof exp.
SMM, Media buying – Annabella
6 years of prof exp.
SMM, Artist – Daniela
5 years of prof exp.
Influencer - TikTok
Strategic Marketing Advisor – Kseniia
ANKR Marketing Coordinator, exCMO of Polkadex
Strategic Marketing Advisor – Marina
Current CMO of Tiger.Trade, 5 years of prof exp.
Strategic Marketing AdvisorPakam J.Johnson
ZualaCapital founder, VC in high-tech & blockchain


We communicate with most of our contractors every day; they are part of our team. Just for the convenience of our readers, we list them in a separate section, you can find them here