Utility of the token

8.Finance project's team together with our advisors and Garuda.ai wanted to create an ultra-utility token, so below is the thorough elaboration of the 8F token’s utility:

  • Purchases of unique skins, features, graffiti, EVo NFTs, Snakes wrapped in NFTs in the Marketplace

  • Rewards from partners for watching Educational videos and taking tasks

  • Game Airdrops and Tournaments that can not be held without 8F token

  • NFTs staking with fixed min. yield for the Seed and Private Sale rounds investors

  • Premium subscription in Snake for Crypto for 8F (everyday bonuses, special skins, game modes, etc)

  • Users may purchase 8G game virtual currency only for 8F

  • Governance - important decisions are made only after the votes of 8F holders, so users should hold 8F tokens to offer ideas and vote for them

8F is also a hyper-deflationary token, details here.

If you want to buy 8F tokens now, follow the instructions here.

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