The cryptocurrency industry is inherently risky
We see the following risks during the project launch phase:
  • the policies of government agencies developing a framework to regulate cryptocurrencies
  • market fluctuations and unpredictability(if the prices of BTC or Ethereum dramatically fall or some "black swan" event happens, it may impact all the crypto projects)
  • software glitches - for example, in the blockchain (BNB Chain, Polygon Chain)
  • collusion acts by big players
  • hacker attacks
  • bugs in the code and critical vulnerabilities
  • unfair competition
  • FUD regarding the cryptocurrency market and the project in particular
  • other risks that are not mentioned here
In order to minimize the risks for our clients, we:
  • obtained approval from independent auditors
  • developed a reward program for those who find vulnerabilities in tokenomics and smart contracts of the project
  • reserve the right to make minor modifications to the tokenomics to make it more balanced after the launch of the project
  • educate our users
  • diversified sources of revenue (we plan to offer our services not only to crypto projects)
  • created a replenishable Treasury and will run the Investment activities in future
  • develop support services and communicate with our community 24/7.