Levels and Evolution

The more time users spend in the game, the more experience they gain and the higher the Level of their snakes becomes, giving them access to
  • special game modes
  • unique Tournaments and Airdrops
  • unique items on the Marketplace
  • new options for the evolution of their snakes
Evolution of snakes - users have the opportunity to increase the efficiency of the game features. For example, the radius and duration of the magnets.
Up to a certain level they need only 8G and Achevments (like, collecting 10 magnets in one game; winning three Battle Royales in a row; winning in daily tournaments, etc.) to upgrade their Skills. At higher levels, 8F tokens and special NFTs are required.
Users may get these NFTs on the playing fields very rarely when they catch some insects. They may use them to upgrade their own Snakes or sell to other users in the Marketplace for 8F tokens.
We will publish more details later, stay tuned 🐍