📌 Current status

Due to the current market situation, with our team and investors we have made some important decisions!
  • We decided to postpone the Public Sale and the listing of 8F token on the DEXes
  • We expect to go to market when the situation improves or we reach 10,000 DAU (daily active users) in Snake for Crypto game. Our plan was to go to market no later than Q1 2024, but we decided to vote 🗳 on it among our current investors.
  • Game is already available for PCs (browser), in Google Play and in App Store
  • How will we attract new users? Through an active referral program with gamification, partnerships and tournaments. Find details and numbers in this excel file, referral program is live, find details here. We invite you to create account in the game or dApp to participate in the referral program!
  • We will provide opportunity to users to purchase 8F tokens in the game for $0.05 without opportunity to withdraw and transfer them. They may be used in the game's marketplace and tournaments. Once the platform is fully launched, they will get opportunity to withdraw 8F tokens on the terms of the Public Sale. BTW, price of 8F tokens on the Public Sale will be $0.028
  • If we enter the market now, it will be very risky for the early investors and the project as a whole
  • We continue to attract funds on the Pre-Seed, Seed, Private rounds. We invite you to participate in them: to participate in the first round write us through this form or our telegram bot 🤖, to participate in the Seed Round (from $5k) or Private Sale (from $1k) go to this page
  • Our team keeps working hard on the project, we share the news in our social networks and on the page with updates
Stay tuned on our social networks!