Referral program

Our referral program with simple and clear terms and rewards system aims to enlarge the project community and attract more active users

How to participate?

When you create an account in 8.Finance dApp or Snake for Crypto, you automatically get a code you can share with everyone. When they create account they can fill it in the "Referral code" field, and this way become your referrals

Rewards - what do I get for inviting users?

Until the full launch of the project you will get 10 8F tokens for each referral who uses your code and reached level 3 in the game. They will also get 10 tokens if they use your code when they reach level 3 in the game.
Untill the full launch of the project you can not withdraw, transfer or sell 8F tokens. But may use them in the marketplace, tournaments and other in-game activities.
After the full launch of the project you will have opportunity to withdraw 8F tokens, the vesting periods will be similar to the terms of the Public Sale (15% at TGE, 85% - next 6 months). Minimum withdrawal amount will be 1 token.
Once the platform is fully launched, we plan to give our referral program participants the rewards described below.
Rewards % will depend on the NFT - if you have a Crazy Owls NFT in your wallet, you will get more rewards. Even if you do not have an NFT, our percentages are very high anyway.
NFT / %
Do not have NFT in the wallet
Have NFT in the wallet
% from the income of referral's farming rewards
% from the referral's purchases of 8G coins for 8F or USD
% from the referral's purchases in the Marketplace

Rewards - what do invited users get if they use my code?

Invited users will get 10 8F tokens when they reach level 3 in the game.

Some details

  • All the rewards are in 8F tokens
  • Source of the tokens for rewards is the 15% allocation of the whole project's tokens
  • Our referral program is peer-to-peer: Bob gets rewarded for inviting Dana, Dana get rewarded for inviting Ella, but Bob will not get rewarded for Ella's farming and expenses
  • We will improve the referral program by adding special rewards and creating unique tournaments for the most active participants. Plan to create monthly challenges and KPI's for participants