Private Sale Checking

When you bought 8F on Private Sale system, you can check your NFT and vesting info in our explorer: and go to "Browse NFT", input needed NFT Token ID and see info.

In this document, i'll show you how to watch this in BSCScan (if you would like to double-check your money)

Go to your address in explorer (for example this:

Filter by "To" field.

Input our Private Sale contract address: 0xbb00aa9b6053ccb5893c1c3fea3b31266a174844

Find Buy Token command. Press on Txn Hash.

Here you can see you spent USDT and NFT receiving. And you can see, that you received TokenID 7. Press on number 7.

On opened page go to "Inventory" tab.

Here you have to see, than exactly you are the owner of this token. Check that owner address is your address.

To understand how money tokens will you receive you can go to read proxy methods of our Private Sale contract (

Here you need only getPayment method. Open it, input there your token id.

You need 4 number (comma-separated). This is amount in wei, which you will receive later. If you want to convert it to normal number you can go to, input this number and see the result:

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