Latest updates

We decided to publish main news in this section to keep our users and partners informed about the project development
February 2023
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    We have new partners:
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    We made the snakes in the Snake for Crypto game faster, the bots smarter, added dozens of new boosters, and fixed bugs
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    We published the first educational videos in the Snake for Crypto game - watch videos, answer questions, and get rewards!
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    8.Finance now is on the App Store, download it
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    Michael Hypov, CPO, wrote a new article. Now it’s the roast of Outlook Research. Check it here
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    We’ve launched our amazing AirDrop where you can win up to 100 8F tokens. Do not miss this opportunity!
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    8.Finance swap function has now integrated with OKC Network. Find more info here
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    Started integrating the platform with TON Connect to make it more friendly for Telegram users, made dozens of other improvements on the blockchain side
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    We have new clients who have purchased our marketing services, including in-game Airdrops. In the near future we will publish information about some of them.
January 2023
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    We have new partners:
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    8.Finance is on Crew3 now - you can take simple tasks and get rewards 🎁
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    The team visited important offline events:
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    KTRO media published an article "The roast of Outlook Research part 1" written by our co-founder Michael Hypov
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    Michael Hypov also wrote a profound article about crypto in 2022
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    We improved design of the dApp and game, fixed several bugs that found with the help of community, added FAQ in the game, now daily tournaments are available, etc.
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    We have met all AppStore requirements, and iOS users will soon be able to download Snake for Crypto game
December 2022
1. 8.Finance became participant of BNB Chain Kickstart Program! It includes dozens of ways BNB supports promising projects, like $5,000 worth of credits in AWS
2. We've launched our swap (link) and bridge (link)🚀
3. Our Snake for Crypto game is now available in Play Market🔥 Click this link to download it!
4. team made tokenomics analysis of 8.Finance, find the report here
5. We've made and connected a new design - link
6. Authorization via TONConnect is almost complete
7. Referral program was implemented
8. We have new partners:
9. Made an in-game tournament for BALANCE, winners received real tickets to the offline event
10. Crazy Owl NFT collection is now at Binance NFT Marketplace
11. You can now purchase our first NFTs on NFTb platform
12. Mundus Security finished audit of our smart contract - link. So, we now have audit report from two famous companies, another is Paladin
13. With some of our partners we made a New Year Raffle and have more than 2k participants! Link
14. We've made 3 AMAs and founders participated in 6 offline events
  • FORWARD NETWORKING PARTY (Side event of Blockchain Thailand Genesis 2022)
  • IT'S OK TO MEETUP - BKK 2022 presented by OKX Chain X Crypto Meetup Thailand
  • Genesis Demo Day [email protected]
  • NFTV.Talk event, where Michael was a speaker
  • OffChain Bangkok
  • other events
15. We decided to create tutorial tokens for users who want to try farming and staking - will soon publish details in our social networks
22 October - 29 November 2022
1. Raised $215k on the Seed Round - link
2. We have almost finished design of the dApp and glad to share a link with you. Take a look, please - link
3. Paladin security finished audit - link
4. Mundus Security started audit of the token - link
5. Many news from our devs: finished smart contracts of farming, staking, part of vaults; updated tournaments in the game; almost finished developing referral program; started integrating NFT bridge with XP.Network (17 chains), finished integration with Li.Finance (16 chains), completed lots of other important stuff
6. Our team visited lots of international events:
  • Hyper Games Conference in Istanbul
  • BNB Innovation Meetup in Istanbul
  • Istanbul Blockchain Week
  • WN Conference in Tel-Aviv
  • Thailand Blockchain Week
  • Blockchain Thailand Genesis 2022
  • Forward Networking Party
7. Took part in GotBit Demo Day, where pitched the project to several VCs
8. Partnerships and events with them:
9. We decided to offer our services of in-game AirDrops and Tournaments to our potential clients for $500 and set up Sales department
10. Held several online meetings with our community and investors
01 September 2022 - 21 October 2022
- Kapcrew - experienced blockchain developers, who make internal audits of our codes (
- Li.Fi - an advanced Bridge and DEX aggregator to help our users get access to any assets on our swap
- Gotbit - will help us reach VCs and raise funds (
- New co-marketing partnerships: Meta Demos, Aquaris, Forward Protocol, BOT Planet, Ailoverse, Cheelee, League of Hamsters, AGG, SAWA, Play1st
  • BNB Chain invited 8.Finance to the Binance Gas Fee Incentive Program
  • We’ve received a $50k grant from the PolygonDAO
  • Made a lot of improvements in the game:
- users may now collect real tokens when we run our and partners’ Airdrops,
- users may easily withdraw tokens to their web3 wallets in the dApp -,
- finished design of the dApp ( and are now implementing it,
- accounts in the Game and dApp are now synchronized,
- started working on the Levels and Evolution of the snakes
- fixed a lot of bugs and made snakes (bots) smarter,
- implemented SumSub KYC for token sales participants,
- made internal audits of the smart contracts.
  • Implemented ILO (sale of tokens wrapped in NFTs);
  • Run a real airdrop for Meta Demos inside the game - users collected real USDT on the playing fields (Meta Demos does not have their token yet)