Liquidity Vault

Autonomous smart contract wallet
Part of funds from the commissions charged is used to buy coins from the market and form LP tokens to continuously increase liquidity volumes in the pools. The funds are locked in pools using Unicrypt or similar platform that is considered trustworthy by the community. Using such a platform, users will always be able to check the amount of funds locked in pools by the project team.
Thanks to this mechanism, even in case of big trades and/or withdrawal of a significant amount from pools by farmers, other participants of a pool won't witness any wild price fluctuations or lack of liquidity.
One of the secondary goals of this vault is to maintain demand for 8F tokens.
The third and very important goal - we ❤️ decentralization, thus, we should have liquidity to safely expand to different DEXs and Chains. This will benefit our users and partners in the long run.

Address of Liquidity Provider Vault wallet:

5x6sf123...under development (TBA)

Sources of the Liquidity Provider Vault replenishment:

Spending of Liquidity Provider Vault funds:

  • Funds are spent every 24 hours at 12 am UTC-0
  • 100% of the funds are spent on liquidity supply to the 8.Finance project pools replenishing the smallest pools with a further transition to the larger ones. And the share of the liquidity vault funds in each pool should not exceed 5% or USD 5 million
  • If the share of Liquidity Provider Vault in all project pools reaches 5% or USD 5 million, 100% of funds in the wallet balance will be allocated for 8F buyback (at the market price) and burning.