Investment Vault
Manually operated wallet
This wallet accumulates funds to ensure a long-term stability of the project and its tokenomics.
Activity of this Vault will only begin to operate when 8.Finance generates cash flows in excess of those needed to fund project development, aggressive marketing campaigns and sustainable 8F price growth.
Until that point is reached, the Investment Vault funds will be used to buy back 8F tokens in the market and other activities (like marketing and project development) to support the price of the token.
Investment Vault funds are managed independently according to decisions of the project team and investment pool of experts, i.e. experienced traders and investors.

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Since funds of the wallet are actively used and allocated between various investment areas, the current amount of investments may be found in statistics section on the home page of the 8.Finance App.

The project team follows the principle of maximum transparency. Report on investment activity and results of it are available in 8.Finance annual accounts.

  • 8F buyback from the market to obtain a long-term income
  • Participation in Private Sales, IEO, IDO of other projects and projects placed on the 8.Finance Launchpad
  • Portfolio investment in cryptocurrency
  • Arbitrage trades
  • Algorithmic trading and bot trading
  • Venture investment into non-cryptocurrency projects
Funds are allocated independently by the project team and through their transfer to be managed by large well-known foundations.
According to experts, there is a large risk that crypto projects keep their funds in their own tokens thus putting their users at high risk. For more details see (A Messari report: Crypto Theses for 2022, p. 154-156).

  • 50% reinvestment of Investment Vault profits
  • 20% from Commission Vault (see “Allocation scheme”)

  • 50% reinvestment of Investment Vault profits
  • 15% to Games Vault
  • 15% to Team Vault
  • 10% to Development Vault
  • 10% to Treasury Vault

As the Investment Vault offers a wide range of investment opportunities the 8.Finance team annually publishes reports on investment activity to ensure transparency and maintain a high level of trust-based relationships with the project community.
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