Games Vault

Hybrid Wallet
Games (at the start of the project - Snake for Crypto game) are an integral part of 8.Finance.
We provide the project's tokens to users for free or for participating in the events, in the way that encourages growth of 8F token's price rather than putting pressure on it.
We use tokens of this Vault to buyback 8F tokens and BNB (95% of commission goes to 8F buyback and 5% for BNB), and use them in the games: in-game Airdrops on the playing fields, regular tournaments, educational videos with rewards and other activities.
These activities encourage users to play more, improve their snakes (and spend 8F and 8G for it), invite friends and dive deep into crypto by watching educational videos from us and our partners.

Games Vault wallet address:

4x5sd623...under development (TBA)

Sources of replenishment:

  • 20% of Commissions Vault funds
  • 20% from the Marketplace's revenue
  • 20% from the 8F spent for snakes evolution
  • 35% from Selling 8G for USD of 8F
  • 15% of Investment Vault funds
  • 100% from NFT trades on the marketplace (Evo NFTs and Snakes wrapped in NFTs)

Spending of funds:

  • 100% distributed in the Snake for Crypto game events