Commissions Vault

The platform charges commissions for its services to ensure stable work and development of the project
Commissions are one of the main sources of replenishment of the project's budget, they are needed for long-term stability and development.
Addresses of the Commissions Vault wallet: 0xE3ab7146...under development (TBA)

Sources of the Commissions Vault replenishment:

Funds allocation scheme:

  • 20% - Games Vault - Buyback of $8F tokens at market price for in-game rewards
  • 30% - Treasury Vault
  • 20% - Development Vault: development and marketing
  • 20% - Investment Vault: will use for 8F buybacks
  • 10% - Liquidity Vault
Note! Funds for 8F buyback and burning are consolidated on a separate buyback account. Buyback takes place every 4 hours.
Note! The percent of commission stated above does not include any payment charged for transactions executed by BSC and DEX blockchains.

Rule of changing/introducing commissions in the 8.Finance project

The commission amount for existing services is changed and additional commissions are introduced only by voting through the system of decentralized management (see “Decentralized management”).