Vault System

The project has a Vaults system where each has a function
​Commissions Vault ​
Collection of most of the platform's commissions
Full Autonomy
​Treasury Vault​
Ensuring stability and security of the tokenomics as a whole
Full Autonomy
Development of the project: advertising, market-making, salaries, etc
Manual management
Rewards for participants of referral program and in-game activities
Hybrid management
​Rewards Vault ​
Rewards for participants of farming and staking
Full autonomy, we can only change % of APY to keep it close to 12% and 24%
​Investment Vault​
8F tokens buyback as long-term investment.
Later - investment in third party projects to diversify Vaults replenishment sources
Manual management, publication of reports
​Games Vault​
Using part of the collected commissions in the game for activities and special events
Hybrid management
​Liquidity Vault​
Providing project's liquidity into pools, to ensure long-term stability of tokenomics
Full autonomy
​Team Vault ​
Project team rewards
Manual control