Hyper deflationary token
This is a limited token issued at 100% of the maximum amount of 888,888,888 pcs
The entire tokenomics of the project is built on $8F token. The tokenomics is designed in such a way that $8F will be a hyper-deflationary, ultra-utility and governance token.
The growth is due to the elaborate hyper deflationary tokenomics that offers more than 30 growth drivers.
There are just 7 of them:
  1. 1.
    100% of $8F tokens are issued on the premine, i.e. inflation from the issue is 0%, while there will be a reduction in supply due to natural disposal
  2. 2.
    $8F - government token - needed to take part in voting on project development
  3. 3.
    Each $8F token transaction include 1% of Fee. All Transactions fee in 100% going to burning instantly
  4. 4.
    20% of all commissions go towards the $8F buyback to replenish the Games Vault
  5. 5.
    50% of $8F purchased with Treasury Vault funds is burned
  6. 6.
    50% of $8F is burned on when exchanging 8F for 8G and buying 8G with USD
  7. 7.
    80% of $8F is burned on purchases from 8.Finance in game marketplaces
  8. 8.
    active online and offline (including outdoor advertising) marketing
For more details, see “Systemic growth of $8F Price”.
$8F token contract in BSC blockchain 0xcd16d44F854B596D90d72ff555Ba8f0524B44c73
$8G coin will be transferred as a cashback for 100% paid Transaction Fee.
In purpose to get this compensation you have to register in 8.Finance App with the same wallet which one was used to pay Transaction Fee.
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