Step-by-Step Launchpad

Launch is scheduled for the third phase of the project development
Step-by-Step Launchpad is a concept of a decentralized launchpad with gamification and insurance fund, projects audit performed by expert teams and community members.
8.Finance will only develop The Step-by-Step Launchpad if our community votes for it. We plan to present details and hold a vote in 2023.
It will be a decentralized platform where crypto startups can raise funds for their projects. What makes it different from other launchpads? Usually when projects raise money via launchpads, after fundraising is finished the project's team immediately receives all the money. And may do whatever they want with it 💰.
In The Step-by-Step Launchpad they will not receive the money immediately. All the investors will form a DAO, and money will be locked inside the DAO. Investors will set milestones with the project's team and vote on allocating assets from DAO to the team at each stage. So, it will significantly decrease the risks of investors and increase trust to the projects' teams.