8F & 8G in the Game's Economics

8G is a virtual coin which you can use in the game only. You can find the details here.
8F is a limited token of 8.Finance project (more about 8F), which plays an important role in Snake for Crypto game:
  • Users can collect 8F for free on the playing fields
  • 8F (and any other tokens) can be deposited and withdrawn from the game (to your wallet and vice versa) through a personal account on the platform's dApp. The minimum withdrawal amount is 88 tokens
  • The most unique skins and features in the game, as well as Premium subscription, can only be bought for 8F tokens
  • Some levels of the Snake's evolution are available only for 8F tokens
  • Our partners have to use 8F to run Airdrops and any other events on the platform
Specific features of 8F in Snake for Crypto:
  • 8F (and other tokens) can be received in the game for free after the user creates an account in the platform. To withdraw tokens to the wallet the user needs to connect their web3 wallet to the dApp
  • You can not transfer 8F (and any other tokens) within the game - you will need to withdraw them to your wallet and transfer them to other users through your wallet
Economics of the game is built on users' desire to earn more cryptocurrencies, buy new items and features, improve their snakes, and unlock new game modes. To do this they have to earn and spend 8G and 8F tokens. The interaction between Snake for Crypto and DEX can be described in the word symbiosis:
  • 8F tokens are constantly flowing into the game via Airdrops and the Harvesting mode:
    • 20% of all the project commissions are constantly flowing into the game
    • 20% of all in-game Marketplace's revenue in 8F is used to share with users on the playing fields
    • admins may decide to provide a certain amount of tokens from the Development Vault to the game's playing fields
  • Users are motivated to spend 8F coins to purchase in-game features, items, and gain access to the special game modes, resulting in a lot of 8F being burned 🔥, reducing overall coin circulation, increasing their value
  • When buying 8G for 8F, 50% of the 8F is sent to the Rewards Vault, increasing platform farmers' revenue; the remaining 50% is being burned 🔥, increasing the price of the 8F token
  • When buying 8G for USD, all USD (minus taxes and commissions) is used to buy 8F from the market: 50% is sent to Rewards Vault, increasing platform farmers' income, and the remaining 50% is being burned 🔥
  • For the convenience of users, accounts in Snake for Crypto and on the 8.Finance dApp are fully synchronized, thanks to this some useful features are available for users :
    • easy deposit and withdrawal of tokens (except 8G coin that is not a crypto token) from the game to your wallet (and back)
    • no need to register 2 accounts
  • Unified referral system. Thanks to the synchronization, if user Lucky invites Bob to Snake for Crypto, and Bob starts later using our DeFi services, Lucky will also receive a 3% reward from Bob's income from using DeFi services - read more about the referral program here.
Referring funds from Snake for Crypto to DeFi services
Referring funds from DeFi services 8.Finance to Snake for Crypto
Burning, %
Rewards Vault, %
Airdrops, %
Buying 8G for 8F
Buying 8G for USD
Buying items from the game store for 8F
Buying items from the game store for 8G
Commissions Vault:
  • For 20% of all the Commissions Vault's funds, 8F and BNB are purchased and sent to the game
Development Vault:
  • Admins may decide to provide a certain amount of tokens from the Development Vault to the game's playing fields