Other games

In 2023 we plan to offer our community to vote for creating a new game - a multiplayer online game Eight Battlefields, where users will fight for control over the game fields.

What is a field?

  • it is a field with large reserves of 8F tokens and tokens of our partners in its depths
  • they have to be explored and developed, only then you can start mining
  • you have to protect them from other players so they don't take control of the field or destroy it
Characters may sell their services to each other (geological exploration, fields' protection, recruitment to the army, building platforms that extract tokens in the fields, etc) and unite into clans.
Only land plots with an owner can be used for exploration and mining. You can buy land plots at an auction. The owner of the plots receives 8% of all resources extracted on his territory.
We will begin detailed development of the game idea in 2023 or 2024, and our community will vote for or against the concept.