MetaFi Marketplace
launch is scheduled for the third phase of the project development
There are many metaverses, from conventional gaming (e.g. CSGO) to blockchain (e.g. Decentraland). NFT trade volumes are high, but the potential for trade volumes has not been fully realised. We plan to realise this potential by creating bridges between metaverses, increasing the liquidity of their assets.
With bridges, users will be able to sell items/NFT in one metaverse (e.g. Axie Infinity) and on the same platform buy assets in another (e.g. SandBox) with the proceeds. Imagine - users could sell assets (not NFT) in CSGO for cryptocurrency and buy assets in SandBox (NFT) with the proceeds, or vice versa.


  • Thanks to the ability to convert NFT tokens and move them between blockchains using the 8.Finance/bridge, it becomes possible for the project to create a single marketplace for the implementation of any NFT of any project. For example, one can put up for sale or buy in one place Axis Infinity, Decentraland or SandBox NFT
  • NFTs can be sold/purchased both at a fixed price and at an auction
  • It is possible to bargain and set a counter price for any NFT in the marketplace
  • A service fee in the form of a commission is charged from the seller (the commission amount will be specified at the design stage).
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