What is 8.Finance?
8.Finance is the simplest way to enter the Crypto World. An EduFi and GameFi platform
8.Finance is an educational platform with a simple game that helps everyone easily take their first steps in the Crypto World for free, without any risks, and in a joyful way.
And we help crypto (and other) projects attract new users and entertain their current communities by providing abilities to run Airdrops, Tournaments and Educational videos with Quizzes about their projects in the Game.
This way we solve the vital problem that the blockchain faces – low pace of mass adoption. People are afraid of entering Crypto: they do not want to risk even several dollars, do not want to spend some time to learn about crypto (it seems like a puzzle, too complicated), people don't want to take any risks (they are even afraid of the words “crypto wallet”).
Do you recognize your own doubts?
We came up with a simple solution!
Do you remember the game Snake 🐍?
Well, we're making the «Snake for Crypto» game where a snake can collect real cryptocurrencies on the playing field! (and our design is a little different, of course).
Imagine: you just play a simple time-killer game (iOS, Android, Desktop), participate in entertainment events, watch short videos - and get real cryptocurrencies for it!
So, our users just have to play this game to make their first steps in Crypto.
Just. Play. The. Game.
You want to earn more? Watch short Educational videos from our partners, take simple Quizzes and get Rewards. Take part in Airdrops with simple tasks or battle ⚔️ with other players in Tournaments!
Game is free and simple, doesn’t require any special knowledge and skills (you even don't need a crypto wallet to start it).
Demo of the game are already available - try it!
Read more about the game here - Snake for Crypto.
Next steps for the users
What are the next steps for the users after improving their Snakes to the maximum, winning dozens of Tournaments and Airdrops, buying all the features, watching all the Educational videos, and getting rewards there?
They should try to apply their newly acquired knowledge to our basic services or the services of our partners. Some of our services - DEX, Staking, Farming:
Staking – for beginners, staking tokens will be one of the first DeFi experiences. For those who believe in success of our project and HODL 8F, it is a good way to get even more 8F tokens over time.
Dex - a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange where users can easily swap one cryptocurrency for another. It will be the second experience of newcomers in DeFi, and farming will be the third one because it requires more manual operations.
Farming – any swap needs liquidity to operate, which is provided by farmers. For providing liquidity, farmers get rewarded in tokens of our project – 8F. Learn more here.
8.Finance has an elaborate Tokenomics model and a thorough Roadmap, in order to continually improve the project and users' experience while taking advantage of our products.
8F is our limited governance token with high-utility features and hyper-deflationary features. It has 20+ price growth incentives, and is verified by one of the top tokenomics experts in Europe, doctors of mathematical sciences. Learn the details here
8.Finance is a unique and very elaborate project. Continue reading our Gitbook to check it 🔍
Dear friends, please avoid scammers. The only wallet of our Private Sale is BEP-20 address in BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain): 0x63f78707a598415c68682421ff700f17d57bd21c
Disclaimer. 8.Finance - is a startup in a beta mode and fundraising stage. Information in the GitBook is our concept, it is possible that we edit the project and some ideas.
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