What is 8.Finance?
8.Finance - the easiest entry in Crypto World
8.Finance is a platform with elaborate hyper-deflationary tokenomics that is the result of synergies between Metaverses, Games, DAOs and DeFi.
8.Finance aims to solve the main stop-factor in crypto mass adoption trend: lots of people want to enter the Crypto World, but are afraid of losing money, don't have time to learn it, and don't want to take any risks.
We came up with a simple solution. Do you know the game Snake 🐍? Well, we're making a «Snake for Crypto» game where Snake crawls also around the screen, but it collects cryptocurrencies! Users just have to play this game to make their first steps in crypto. Inside the game they will have to watch short educational videos to earn more crypto. Game is free, simple, and doesn't require any special knowledge, even a wallet. The demo version of the game is already available.
8F tokenomics is a thing of its own, it has 30+ price growth incentives, and is verified by one of the top tokenomics experts in Europe, doctors of mathematical sciences.
Snake for Crypto is a simple snake-like game where users can collect not only game points, but also cryptocurrencies: $8F tokens and cryptocurrencies of our partners. Users can spend the collected crypto in the marketplace and upgrade their heroes. No specific knowledge is required - just run the game (iOS, Android, PC) and collect cryptocurrencies that can be easily withdrawn to your wallet (and even to your bank card as USD). Read here - Snake for Crypto, demo of the game here. Users who earned cryptocurrencies in Snake for Crypto may take the next steps in the Crypto world and earn even more cryptocurrencies, thanks to other 8.Finance services and help at each step (it will be for free, we will even provide some BNB for gas).
Staking – for beginners, Staking tokens will be the first DeFi experience. For users who believe in the success of our project and HODL $8F it is the way to get even more $8F over time.
Dex - a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange where users can easily swap one cryptocurrency for another. It will be the second experience of newcomers in DeFi, and farming will be the third because it requires more manual operations.
Farming – the swap needs liquidity to operate, which is provided by farmers. For providing liquidity, farmers get rewarded in tokens of our project – $8F. Learn more here.
The Safest Launchpad is a decentralised platform where crypto startups can raise funds for their projects. What makes it different from other launchpads? On The Safest Launchpad, projects receive investments from industry experts and regular users with a high level of involvement, thanks to gamification (more allocation goes to those who are better acquainted with the project). Here we teach users how to invest in startups using The Safest Launchpad, so that users grow with us from the status of beginner to the status of early-stage crypto investors.
For investors, the risks are significantly reduced. How? Usually after fundraising, projects get all the funds they have raised. That is not our case. Here projects raise funds but do not receive them immediately. Investors will be united in a DAO, and then together with the startup team, divide the project into stages and decide on the further allocation of funds at each stage. Details here.
At this stage users already know how to farm, stake and swap tokens on the dex, they are familiar with launchpads and play to earn games like Snake for Crypto. So it is time to explore Metaverses and opportunities they open. Our MetaFi Marketplace will be a perfect entry. MetaFi Marketplace is a platform where players from e.g. CS:GO, GTA Online and Roblox can sell in-game items for cryptocurrencies and then use them to buy items and assets in Decentraland and The SandBox. Our bridges between the conventional and crypto-universes will open up many new opportunities for gamers. Want to jump into a new game, but don't want to start with zero on the balance? Just sell assets in the previous game, buy in the new. Want to better monetise your game time? Sell items on our marketplace for crypto. Good at playing multiple games and understanding their economics? Get into cross-universe arbitrage. Find out more here.
Disclaimer. 8.Finance - is a startup in a beta mode and fundraising stage. Information in the GitBook is our concept, it is possible that we edit the project and some ideas.
Note: 8.Finance is a unique platform. We have no direct competitors. Continue studying our Wiki and make sure of that yourselves.
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