Strategic partners and contractors

Here you can find a list of our backers, strategic partners

Strategic Partners and Backers

BNB Chain

8.Finance is working on the most popular chain - BNB Chain. They invited us to a special Binance Gas Fee Incentive Program to support and decrease our expenses on gas.
We are looking for a closer cooperation with BNB Chain and Binance in the future.

Polygon DAO

The Polygon DAO aims to decentralize, grow and innovate the Polygon community that is interested in the launch of 8.Finance on the Polygon Chain.
They provided 8.Finance with a $50k grant to scale the project to their chain.
We plan to start it after the full launch of our services.


​SAWA is a multi-functional DeFi Platform for investors and DEX with truly decentralized derivative tools for traders. What they provide: secure access to early-stage projects equally for all investors, secondary market for such projects, derivatives trading on a DEX and allows people to share and monetize their experience on the built in social media.

Supra Oracles

​SupraOracles wants to solve the oracle conundrum and eventually power the future of finance with the help of our developer community and an increasing number of partners.
SupraOracles is a new generation blockchain that makes it possible to build a stable and decentralized cross-chain bridge on many other blockchains. Thanks to them, 8.Finance will be able to scale to many other chains outside of the Binance blockchain in the future.


​The Wall Global is a two-dimensional space (Wall) that has been created and functions on the basis of the blockchain as DAO. The wall is divided into equal square areas, each of which is an NFT-token.


We communicate with most of our contractors every day; they are part of our team. Just for the convenience of our readers, we list them in a separate section
Fundraising partner – Gotbit​
Internal audits – Kapcrew​
Smart contracts audits – Paladin​
Tokenomics audit team –​
GameDev – Publex​
Website design – Zajno​
Bridge & DEX Aggregation - LI.FI​