Development Vault
Manually operated wallet
This is a wallet which consolidates the budget of the project, intended for marketing, development and scaling 8.Finance.

1x5652ab46...under development (TBA)

  • 91% from the raised funds during the token sales (see "Primary Funds Allocation Scheme”)
  • 10% from the Investment Vault income distribution (see “Investment Vault”)
  • 20% from the Commissions Vault income distribution (see “Scheme”)
  • 6% 8F tokens of Development allocation from emission with 8 months Cliff and 36 months of linear Vesting (see "scheme")
  • 15% 8F tokens of Marketing program allocation from emission with 40 months of linear Vesting (see "scheme")

  • Marketing
  • Market making
  • Contests and campaigns
  • Partnerships
  • Salaries and Contractors
  • Operational activity
  • Scaling to new blockchains
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Sources of the Development Vault replenishment:
Spending of Development Vault funds: